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Foco Folks Recycled 1100 Campaign Signs & Stakes

Recycle Political Signs & Frames at Signarama Fort Collins

Thanks for recycling!

Election season has come and gone once again. And for us here at Signarama Fort Collins, this means we’re finishing up our campaign sign recycling program.

After each election season we get out our bins and banners to set up our drop-off program for yard sign and stake recycling at the back entrance of our shop. For three days, we set out bins for each type of sign as well as for the metal stakes that hold the signs. We separate the different kinds of materials because each is recycled in a different way. The biggest load is always the corrugated plastic signs—which can only be recycled in large quantities at a commercial recycling center.

This year, at the end of the three days of our recycling program, Fort Collins folks had dropped off over 1100 signs and stakes that would otherwise have gone into the landfill.

For more information about recycling in Fort Collins throughout the year, go to fcgov.com/recycling.


Thanks Fort Collins, for your commitment to recycling!


Recycle Signs & Stakes in the Correct Bins!

Recycle Signs & Stakes in the Correct Bins!